MobHinter has been developed using PhoneGap; currently, it runs on Android complaint smart phones, because a native add-on is necessary to let the app access the device's media library. This makes portability to other devices very straigthforward, since only the rephrasing of such add-on is mandatory.

You can get the prototype below:
[download]  |  [user manual]  |  [tech report]

epidemic strategy

The propagation of information is performed with an epidemic strategy, so that suggestions are strongly biased over a spatial and temporal basis. This means that the very basic idea of MobHinter fits perfectly many application domains like recommendation of live events, multimedia resources, turistic point of interests, and so on. However, current prototype is designed for recommending multimedia resources, and users exchange their libraries when they are in the proximity.

Note: MobHinter clients interact with a server through an API REST. Such service makes interoperable applications running on different platforms.
[link to API REST]