Shared Shopping List - Istituto Superiore Mario Boella

SharedShoppingList is an Event Sharing system for mobile devices, developed as part of IS4.MOBI project. Applications allow sending and receiving information, in real time, useful to fill a shopping list shared between two or more users. Applications use a local document database, synchronized with a central document database: devices can go offline and applications are able to handle data sync when they come back online. Applications also use XMPP protocol in order to manage user’s roster and sharing options.

Contacts: [lotito [at] ismb DOT it], and [bolognesi [at] ismb DOT it].

MobHinter - Università degli Studi di Torino

epidemic strategy

MobHinter is a recommender system for mobile devices proposed originally in 2008 and recently developed as part of IS4.MOBI project. MobHinter is designed for spreading of information on a geographic proximity basis, and it allows for timely advertising and notification of context-aware events. Current implementation of MobHinter makes use of PhoneGap, that is a HTML 5 based mobile framework that supports many different platforms. Native Android add-ons are available with the source code.

MobHinter site: [link]